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For over 10 years and fueled by a passion for great music and good times, WILDSIDE has become the nation’s premiere Motley Crue tribute band. WILDSIDE performs songs respected and enjoyed by everyone including the hit songs “Kickstart My Heart”, “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Home Sweet Home” and “Dr. Feelgood”.  For the most demanding fans, WILDSIDE delivers the goods covering all of the songs from the iconic “Shout at the Devil” album as well as the raw rocking hits from the debut album “Too Fast for Love”.

 WILDSIDE has rocked audiences in some of the best music venues up and down the east coast and will travel anywhere in the world to carry out their tribute to Motley Crue.  The band prides itself on being able to execute a Motley Crue live show experience that other tributes are only able to replicate using studio recordings.  There simply is no substitute for authentic live videos to showcase WILDSIDE’s abilities. 

WILDSIDE continues to build their following on social media and is closing in on 10,000 Facebook followers.  WILDSIDE adores their passionate fans and takes time to pose for photos and make personal connections after every concert.  This “approachability” coupled with their powerful and authentic performances have been instrumental in WILDSIDE’s success.  WILDSIDE leaves the crowd wanting more yet completely satisfied!

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